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Server Rules & Guidance
Please note that all rules are subject to change on a case-by-case basis.

1 - General Rules

  1. A clear, working microphone is required to join the server. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to be in discord voice chat, or any other type of voice chat programs when you’re roleplaying in the city. All voice chats must be kept to in-game communications.
  2. Remember that people are playing a character. Some people are nothing like their characters. Don’t assume a character’s negative qualities are applicable to the person behind the character.
  3.  Discord is the staff's primary form of communication and is required for all players on the server.
  4. We ask that all members of our community remain respectful to their peers and admins. All forms of bullying, harassment, trolling, racism, homophobia, religious hate, discrimination (i.e. gender, disabilities, etc) and offensive language are prohibited. This will be dealt with accordingly and based on the severity of the case.
  5. Advertising another server in any capacity is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in an immediate ban.
  6. Using any third-party programs to give yourself an advantage over others is prohibited. This includes hacking menus, crosshairs, etc.
  8. The Staff team reserves the right to permanently ban any individual(s) from the community at any time if they are considered highly disruptive and/or break rules.
  9. There is ZERO Tolerance for any sort of Slavery (Roleplay)
  10. Everybody RPs differently. Don’t dictate how someone else should roleplay just because you would do something or handle a situation differently than they would.
  11. Remember to be open-minded with other people’s characters and roleplay. Some of the best characters come from people playing off the uniqueness of other people’s roleplay.
  12. If for whatever reason you are not comfortable or feel an RP situation is not for you, you always have the option to walk away.
  13. You ARE NOT allowed to move assets between characters such as money, cars, houses etc…
  14. Red traffic lights can be treated as stop signs. You must stop, look left & right and proceed with caution. (Full Stop, 5 seconds minimum)
  15. EMS (at all times) & Tow Truck (while doing their duties) are NOT to be attacked, harassed, or interact in a criminal manner with them. EMS will also provide their services for free at no charge and will further help anyone requesting medical assistance. Make sure you fully understand this rule.
  16. Players can only hold TWO whitelisted jobs, regardless of how many characters they have.
  17. You cannot have a whitelisted job (other than tow) and do illegal activity in the city.
  18. It is against the rules to hinder a Police Officer or EMS from doing his job, with this being said, do not come into an active scene and steal an ambulance or police car. If you are caught you will receive a temporary ban from the server. No warnings. You also cannot impersonate an officer at ANY time.
  19. You are not allowed to use any type of military equipment or vehicles unless approved by a member of the Admin team.
  20. If during a heist, robbery, or pursuit you crash out of the city (server) the RP is then forfeited and the entire scene is disregarded. Let’s be clear if you consistently CRASH during an RP Scenario and you are found guilty of crashing on purpose you will be banned at the discretion of the admin that finds you guilty.

2 - Going Out of Character

You are NOT allowed to go OOC for ANY reason AT ALL - ZERO.
Going OOC will be an immediate kick from the current session or a temp ban depending on the situation.

If you need assistance, you will go to create a ticket for support. - You have been warned.


3 - Character Creation

  • Alternative characters need to be completely separate from each other. (( i.e. exchanging of information and items )) - If abuse of this is found you will receive a Strike. The second instance is a ban.
  • Nobody can perma / retire your character except for you. Once you decide to perma, your character CAN NOT return.
  • You must re-name them at once. Your character name must be realistic, not offensive, vulgar, or racist.
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 1-3 days ban from the city for breaking the rule above.

4 - Metagaming

Using information acquired through illegitimate means to benefit your character. You CAN NOT use the information that you obtained outside of the city via a stream, discord, or any other means to your character's advantage at any time. Using third-party communication during an interaction to spread information such as discord calls Using information learned by one of your characters to benefit another character you play who didn’t learn it themselves This also applies to passing someone an item and using the name as a form of identifying an individual. You can NOT identify someone who is wearing Mask by their voice alone. Voice mods are allowed as long as they are realistic and plays with your character. Do NOT assume someone is who you think they are because of their voice alone. This includes information about other characters, locations of hidden items, events that have taken place, and more. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 2-5 days ban from the city for breaking the rule above.

5 - Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

  • Attacking or downing another player using a vehicle without any prior roleplay / story building up to it.
  • You can use a vehicle to defend yourself.
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn a 7 days ban or be permanently banned from the city for breaking the rule above.

6 - Random Deathmatch (RDM)

  • Attacking/Downing another player without any prior roleplay/story building up to it. If the story and build-up have already taken place at an earlier time, no initiation is required at the time of the attack (be smart – weak reasons will not be tolerated).
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 7 days ban or be permanently banned from the city for breaking the rule above.

7 - No Value of Life (NVL)

  • Not realistically fearing for your character’s life when you are threatened with weapons or severe physical harm.
  • Examples include being outnumbered, or someone approaching you from behind with a weapon. You are not John Wick, be smart.
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 7 days ban or be permanently banned from the city for breaking the rule above.

8 - Police Impound

  • Police Impound - When your car is Impounded by the Police, it can be retrieved by doing /911 and sending a message saying you need to car out of the Impound.
  • You must pay $500 to the officer who releases your car from Impound.
  • If your car stays on the Police Impound for more than 7 days, it will be placed for sale on auction and anyone can buy it.

9 - New Life Rule

Revived / Knocked Out (Revived by EMS or First Aid Kit)
Once you are revived, you don't remember the events leading up to you being downed for the PREVIOUS 30 MINUTES following up to you being downed.

Local Doctor / Respawn - NEW LIFE RULE
Taking the Local means pressing "E" to respawn. Once you respawn, you don't remember the events leading up to you being downed at all. For City Workers - If no other PD or EMS is online to revive them, then the Revived rule applies.

Fully Killed
If you are fully killed, meaning that you look like the picture below, EMS will not be able to revive you on the scene, they need to bring you back to Pillbox and the rule of “New Life” as described above will take effect in this case.


Dumping a body should ONLY be used in a Gang War or if you have an ongoing situation with another member of a gang. City workers can't be dumped such as EMS or Police Officers.

You can NOT force someone to kill off their Character. This is considered powergaming! Unless they have agreed beforehand (i.e., Gang-related blood pacts). Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 15 days ban or be permanently banned from the city for breaking the rule above.

10 - Clothing

You cannot wear or have any police gear, military equipment or anything related to law enforcement as default. An example of what is allowed is you’re doing a bank heist and you put on body armour and a mask (MUST NOT represent any law enforcement agency), it should also not give you any benefits or bonus from wearing such equipment.

You cannot wear costumes as your regular character’s permanent clothing. Wearing costumes is allowed as long as you are in character and role-playing. For example, you’re roleplaying as a bug exterminator. What not to do: Wear an alien costume or monkey costume for no reason other than to troll. This includes wearing a mask all the time to conceal your identity.

All parts of your body must be always visible - meaning no invisible hands, legs etc. No, we do not want to see your underwear.

Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 1-3 days ban from the city for breaking the rule above.

11 - Green Zones

Apartments (Integrity & Alta), Police Stations, and Hospitals. Also, while any player is in a menu is considered a green zone (i.e., changing clothes or at the barber).

You are not allowed to Kidnap/Murder or engage in any type of RP that takes advantage of a person in these situations. NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.

Green Zones are off-limits to any reckless or dangerous RP that may injure people during their roleplays. With this being said, do not cause chaos. If you are in a group of people, please note that green zones are not meant to be meetup areas and cause altercations. If that is your objective, please move to another area outside the green zone.

Any kind of emergency vehicle is not to be touched while in the green zones, this means you cannot come into a green zone (Police Station, Hospital) and rob/steal/tow police vehicles or EMS vehicles.

All Green Zones allow Emergency Vehicles (Police, EMS, Towing) to be in the red zone (Parking Area in front of doors) at any time. They cannot be stolen/robbed/towed for any reason. This also applies to civilian cars; they cannot be stolen from green zones. You cannot go into a green zone to avoid an RP situation.

No driving vehicles inside green-zone buildings. No exceptions.

Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 30 days ban or be permanently banned from the city for breaking the rule above.

12 - Combat Logging

Quitting the game to avoid an interaction or losing your items is NOT ALLOWED! You will be temporarily banned if this happens. If you do not choose “Last Location” immediately after you quit, you will spawn in a downed state and will need to be revived. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may earn 1-3 days ban or be permanently banned from the city for breaking the rule above.

13 - Ransoms & Robberies

You may take civilians, cops, etc. hostage for the purpose of buying time and roleplaying your scenario.

You may not ask for payment or items in exchange for hostages.

Limits on robberies:
You may only have the max amount of people per robbery, including hostages.

  • Bank Robbery - Pacific: 6, Fleeca: 5, Savings: 4
  • Store Robbery: 4
  • All other robberies: 3


  • Use of any mod menu or exploit will result in a ban without warning. This includes crosshairs!
  • Exploiting mistakes or errors made by the devs in the city will also result in a ban without appeal.

15 - Flying Helis or Planes

  • You may not under any circumstance fly a plane without being certified by the FAA in the city.
  • You will need to reach out to the FAA in the city. The flight test is $10k. If you fail the test, no refunds will be given.
  • You need to always have your pilot license while operating your aircraft or plane.
  • If you are found using your plane or helis illegally, the FAA deserves the right to revoke your license.
  • Helis or planes must not be used for heists or robbery.

16 - Gang Rules

Gangs will function on a 3 strikes system for failure to obey rules.

  • First Strike - A documented warning will be given to all members stating the reasoning and how they can avoid further situations that caused them to get this warning.
  • Second Strike - Another warning will be issued, and further actions will be taken on members involved in not obeying the rules that caused this warning. Offenders are subject to kicks and temporary bans at this strike level.
  • Third Strike - Complete disbandment of the group. The group will immediately cease all actions and be forced to dissolve their group. Failure to do so will result in bans for all members disobeying staff. They can recreate the gang under a different leader - if this is abused, you will be punished.

Gang territories that are currently occupied and controlled by a gang (drug spots, hideouts) will be exempt from the Camping Illicit Spots (camping an area just to kill for no reason) rule if a gang controls the territory and is operating out of the area. Gangs that control the territory are allowed to chase out any unwanted persons from the territory and are allowed to protect their territory from rival gangs. Civilians are not exempt from this rule and if they are caught within gang territory by the gang that controls the area, they are subject to taxes, threats or whatever else the gang in that area is doing. Civilians, make sure to pay attention when you are travelling.

Gang activity that involves direct conflict must not be done in public areas (i.e., Legion, Garage, Legion Square, or anywhere else deemed a public spot where players congregate).

  • Should your character be injured or go down in a gang-on-gang situation, your fellow gang members must find a way to get medical attention, whether it be taking you themselves or calling for medical assistance.
  • If you are killed off, making a second character as a revenge character is not allowed. Each character you make will not have any knowledge of any gangs and must find out about them in character through the proper means.
  • You should only have one gang character. This is to prevent any meta-gaming from happening between rival gangs.

Remember that you cannot force players to kill off their character. If their character is killed, they must follow the NLR.

Gangs cannot technically claim ownership of a “public” area, other than their HQ. Owning and claiming turf are two separate things. For example, gangs cannot claim they own the heroin fields, but they can patrol them and have fights. If they are protecting a certain area, they must allow reasonable time for someone to leave the area they’re protecting before taking action.

Gangs must not have more than 20 members, or they will get their first strike and so on.


To create a Gang: Head over to discord and apply.

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