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Forum Rules

  1. Please respect all our members, no matter what their age, race, sex or forum rank is.
  2. Do not spam the forum with useless posts or that are unrelated to the topic.
  3. Do not make posts in huge text to gain more attention.
  4. Do not insult / threaten any one in the out of character / off topic board areas.
  5. Do not double / triple / quadruple / quintuple (etc.) post, please use the edit post feature.
  6. Do not create a massive signature or avatar, keep it a reasonable size.
  7. Respect and listen to all staff on the forums.
  8. Ensure that posts you write are in the correct sections (OOC, IC or off topic).
  9. No advertising for other websites or servers.
  10. Stickies and Announcements are important, please read them before posting.
  11. Use English in all forum sections, with the exception of the non-english section.


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